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Conversant Group at ILTACon

ILTACon 2019 is finally here! On August 18, we will be sending eight Conversant Group representatives, John Anthony Smith, Brandon Williams, Shayne Champion, Michael Williams, Keith Weber, Jill Dietz, Scott Schimmel and Leland Smith to Orlando FL for this 5-day...


Reflecting on Five Years at Conversant Group

As Conversant Group approaches our 10 year anniversary, we fully understand that where we are today would not be possible without employees who have poured their time and skill into the company. Compared to others in the industry, the company is relatively young, and...


Cyber War is Happening

It’s hard to believe in something you can’t see   Cyber Security is the practice of protecting your digital assets and the data that they process, transport and store from unauthorized use, modification, or obstruction.  It is crucial that people understand the...


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