Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I grew up with a love for science and technology. Anything electronic was subject to be taken apart and put back together — much to the chagrin of my parents. After finishing school, I consulted in South Florida for law firms, specializing in Microsoft desktop and server administration.

I later moved to South Carolina and expanded my skillset to storage and virtualization workloads while working for financial institutions and consulting firms. My family and I relocated to Chattanooga in 2016 and after a couple of years working in the telecom industry as a Pre-sales Solutions Engineer, I met the fantastic team at Conversant Group and found my new home here.

Outside of work, I am always researching the latest advancements in technology, computing, and science. My family and I enjoy spending time at the beautiful parks and museums in Chattanooga, and often visit the zoo or aquarium on the weekends.



I am a Senior Exchange Engineer, but Exchange is only one piece of the puzzle. I handle messaging and communication workloads, including the design and architecture of Microsoft deployments or complex migrations. My background in the Microsoft server and desktop space has extended into the cloud, and I often provide guidance to customers looking to move their on-premise workloads to Microsoft’s Office 365 and Azure services.

I have a knack for explaining technical concepts using simple language anyone can understand. As the cloud continues to expand, my goal is to make sure our stakeholders [partners, customers, and peers] are best equipped to take advantage of new solutions without adding unnecessary complexity.