I was born into a large family, and I am the second oldest of six kids. My wife and I have 5 children and are waiting on our 7th grandchild. Grandkids are great, I wish I had them first! We recently moved to Chattanooga to work for Conversant Group. I started my career as a nuclear engineer in the Navy. I have had a lot of interesting experiences like taking my picture in a Hawaiian shirt at the North Pole. When I left the Navy, I decided to start a new career in IT. I am a self-proclaimed knowledge junkie, so the challenge of keeping my knowledge level up-to-date is thrilling to me.

Over the years I have specialized in infrastructure hardware and virtualization. I have been certified on VMware and Citrix since they started having certifications. I am currently a member of the Citrix Partner Technical Expert Council. I have been named a Citrix Technology Professional. I have held certifications at one time or another with Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, etc.


My current position is Enterprise Solution Architect. My job is to meet with customers/prospects and become their trusted technical advisor. I discuss issues they are having with their current environment and solutions that I believe could help the customer alleviate pain points. I design software and hardware solutions to meet the needs of the company and increase things like employee engagement, minimize downtime, provide a secure collaboration environment, etc.