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LegalSEC 2019 Recap

On June 3rd, six members of the Conversant team traveled to Arlington VA to attend LegalSEC Summit conference. We had the commendable opportunity to have three Conversant team members as key note speakers during the 3-day conference. Shayne Champion, CISO, presented a...


LegalSEC Speakers

This year at LegalSEC Conversant Group will be represented by three speakers during LegalSEC sessions:   “Tips and Tools in Malware Reverse Engineering” We all know about VirusTotal and other online sandboxes, but those tools can't be used all the time because of...


Unitrends Case Study

Finance / Legal Industry Slowest to Adopt Cloud   Every year Unitrends surveys IT professionals about the challenges they face in protecting their data and business-critical applications. Unitrends 2018 annual survey culminated with over 800 respondents from...


Conversant Group Culture

Imagine you are driving to the Conversant Group office in Chattanooga, TN.  Your GPS guides you through downtown until you realize you are in a different part of the city.  It is different because all around you are new buildings, old buildings, and buildings that are...


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