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Social Media Bots

Social Media was conceived as a nirvana for freedom of speech and social justice that would transcend the bounds of race, creed, socioeconomics, geography and national boundaries.  However, the reality has been something quite different. One of its major problems is...


Gone Phishing

In its early days, phishing came in the form of emails from long lost family members or royalty who’s dying wishes were to impart their fortunes to you. Most of us knew that we were not actually related to a Nigerian Prince and noticed the scam. But phishers have...


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication In our last article, we discussed creating secure passwords; unfortunately, a strong password alone is no longer enough to protect your accounts. We must layer up and use one of the other two authentication methods. This practice is called...


Strong Passwords

One of the most foundational, yet commonly overlooked aspects of digital security is passwords. Passwords, as we know them, were introduced in 1961 by MIT as the most basic form of authentication. The cyber security world has since developed numerous forms of user...



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So, a jury awards a former police officer $585 K for privacy violations. Eventually the US will get serious about privacy one way or another

Well this was pretty exciting!!!



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