Nearly fifteen years ago, after working as an infantryman in the Army National Guard, I decided to pursue a career in technology. I started my journey in a small computer shop, repairing and building computers for local businesses and schools. My desire to learn took me to new and exciting places while exposing me to a wide array of technologies with different companies. As most can imagine, it takes quite a bit of effort to learn and to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology.

I have been blessed with my exposure to technologies of all types. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Software Development while being a full-time employee, a full-time parent of 6 children and having a wonderful and supporting wife. I am proficient in 14 different programming languages, Windows and Linux engineer, databases of all types engineer, on-prem and cloud architect, virtualization expert, Citrix VDI and NetScaler expert, backup and storage engineer, Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code, software-defined networking and so much more.

From the wealth of knowledge that I have obtained throughout the years, I enjoy giving back. I teach and mentor game developers through online tutorials and forums, I openly share best practices and how to’s with my colleagues and I take opportunities when I get them to teach new engineers.


Disposable infrastructures and fast food technology. As technology is an ever-changing landscape, we must adapt and embrace it. Our goals should be to create immutability of a product while offering customizations through structured variables. This provides version control, clear documentation, simplistic change control, clean audit trails, low risk, clearer cost projections, more security, and an overall easily disposable infrastructure. No security patches or upgrades to existing endpoints will ever be needed since it will just continually be thrown away and replaced without any interruption to service. An infrastructure we (or AI) can simply redeploy as needed, to any cloud or suitable on-prem data center. Thus, the birth of fast food technology. My role at Conversant Group is to facilitate this change where I can, to work with companies in their current endeavors of any scope, and to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with others.