Charities We Support | Conversant Group, LLC

Conversant Group is deeply committed to social responsibility.  Therefore, we commit our time, money, and energy to support organizations, events, and causes within our local communities and globally that do the following:

  • Improve education in science, technology, engineering, math, health, and history.
  • Improve education, health, and well-being in areas globally suffering from extreme poverty.
  • Improve health for children born with congenital birth defects.
  • Promote the end of mountaintop removal.
  • Promote clean air and water through proper, respectful stewardship of our planet.
  • Increase discovery of the unknown, deepen our understanding, and develop things that have never been done before.
At our core, we seek to promote a healthy mind, body, soul, and planet.  Our belief is that through education and discovery we can help further mankind toward the eradication of suffering:  growing the pie for all.