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Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services help equip clients to grow their businesses wisely and securely. Many of the firms we consult with don’t have enough of a technology need to have a full-time IT person and/or a full-time person who can handle the day-to-day tasks.  This is where Consulting Services can fill the gap. 

We host a team of world-class IT experts specializing in a range of platforms and application suites: 

Microsoft Active Directory 
Microsoft Office 365  
Microsoft Exchange 
Security to protect your data 
SAN setup and problem resolving 
Server spacing, install and problem solving 
Hypervisors like VMWare and Hyper-V 
Backing Up data with best in class products like Veeam 
Protecting your data with AV using Kaspersky 
AppSense to provide complete policy and personalization management, application entitlement and system resource entitlement across all desktop and application delivery mechanisms. 

Consulting Services Offered 
Strategic and Tactical Business Consulting 
Technology Assessments & Rationalization 
Design, Architectural Planning 
Infrastructure Implementation 
Move it to the Cloud 
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)