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Cloud Services

Cloud migration consultation for infrastructure and allapplications:

  • VeeamCloud Connect-   Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy for Veeamcustomers to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud. CloudConnect also makes it easy for service providers to offer hosted backuprepositories or complete backup services.

  • ManagedMail-   Critical to the core of most businesses, mailbox availability,security, and mobility are the keys to the success for any successful emailsystem.  Backed by Exchange Online, our managed mail service enhancesthis experience by guaranteeing availability for sending and receivingmessageseven if ExchangeOnline service is offline. Bottomless archiving, content filtering, threatprotection, and secure messaging are just a few of the available add-onsto this already these exceptional base-line email service offerings.
  • KeepSafeBackups-   KeepSafe backups are agent-based backups that sendyour data securely to the cloud.  This backup may be used either as aprimary backup source for SMBs, or as a secondary backup, ensuring that off-siteredundant copies of important data are always safe and available.  Aligningwith the “3-2-1 backup” rule, this KeepSafe strategy serves as acost-effective way to always keep a second copy a click away:

3-2-1 Back-Up

·         Be sure to have 3 copies of your data.

·         Store the copies in 2 local locations.

·         Send 1 backup offsite. 

  • AuthAnvilHosted Two-Factor-   With AuthAnvil Two-Factor authentication,each user has the option of signing in securely and conveniently either atthe office, or from a remote location. With AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth,companies gain the assurance that staff members are able to safely workremotely on virtually any device, all with the added security of a tracedactivity audit log to ensure authorized user activity andentrance. In the place of a standing password, employees use twofactors of authentication: a personally selected 4-8 digit PIN in additionto an 8-digit password generated from an app on the employee’s smartphone.This two-factor authentication method prevents any user password compromiseand helps keep your firm’s confidential and sensitive information staysafe from harm.