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About Us

Conversant Group is an IT services and consulting company located in Chattanooga, TN. Conversant Group has provided technical, organizational, procedural, and process consulting since John Anthony Smith formed the company in 2009.  John and his employees have consulted organizations large and small across the world through a variety of transitions both tactically and strategically.  Conversant Group was born out of John’s passion for facilitating business success by logically and strategically applying people, process, procedure, and technology.  Unlike many in IT, Conversant Group has a unique perspective on technology:  we fervently believe that technology is a tool, nothing more.  We do not believe in implementing technology for technology’s sake, and we believe that the people matter.  Technology can be replicated between businesses; however, the people and the processes and procedures they support cannot be easily replicated.  Technology should support the business by supporting the stakeholders (corporate users, customers, vendors, and owners). We believe that you must first seek to understand before you can seek to be understood.  

Conversant Group’s services are divided into three high-level groups:  Managed Services, Consulting Services, and Cloud Services.   

Managed Services, known as IT Sentry, is the platform of choice for many businesses, as most companies view IT infrastructure in a utilitarian perspective; in other words, it is believed that core infrastructure and the support thereof provides no real value to the business - it is only a cost center.  Conversant Group generally agrees with this perspective, as we believe the value to the business is in the experience of the user and applications that they use.  Managed Services is our method of supporting this utilitarian perspective of IT.  Many companies are outsourcing the infrastructure and management thereof to third parties. 

Consulting Services is the platform of choice for many of our customers as well.  Many companies have deeply entrenched IT departments and enormous investments in infrastructure.  The members of our Consulting Services group are the designers, architects, and constructors of IT infrastructure for many companies in the US & Canada.  Further, our Consulting Services team also regularly performs pure consulting projects to review existing environments, personnel, processes, procedures, and the alignment of technology services to a strategic plan. 

We understand that infrastructure adds no direct benefit to the business; obviously, the business can't run without infrastructure, but applications, people, and process are what matter most.  The value of applications, people, and process can be felt quickly and visibly.  Infrastructure is simply expected to work.  With this in mind, Conversant Group offers Cloud Services, which when combined with Managed Services, allows us to completely provide the help desk, network administration, IT leadership, servers, storage, and connectivity required to facilitate applications, users, and process.